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The Austro-Hungarian Military Border, which became a separate crownland in 1849, comprised nearly 13,000 square miles with 1.2 million inhabitants (in 1869) and extended as a narrow strip of land from the Adriatic Sea all the way to Northern Transylvania. It can be called the "Habsburg Limes" (to borrow a term from ancient Rome's string of border forts in Southern Germany), which for almost 200 years secured a nearly 1,000 miles border from the advances of the Ottoman Empire. The area was organized under strict military rules and constituted the following sectors:

In total, there were 14 Infantry Border Regiments and 1 Border Battalion with associated land districts and 12 Military Communities. The Croatian Military Border, comprised of Karlstadt, Warasdin and Banal, and the Slavonian were in 1878 joined as the Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia. The Banat Military Border, with the Tchaikist Battalion (formed in 1763) in the Danube-Theiss-Angle which had previously been part of Slavonia-Syrmia, was in 1872 transferred to the Kingdom of Hungary and constituted parts of the counties of Bács, Temes and Krasso. The Transylvanian Military Border consisted of Szekely (formed 1764) and Wallachia (formed 1766) and by 1851 had been transferred to the Grand Duchy of Transylvania.

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