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Flacker Genealogy
761 Family Names in
Sixteen Regions and in Ten Centuries

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List of Regions

List of Place Names                                                                                 List of Surnames

Regions of Research

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Alsace                                                                                  Alsace
Austria                                                                                Austria
Baden                                                                                   Baden
Banat                                                                                     Banat
Batchka                                                                              Batchka
Bavaria                                                                               Bavaria
Hesse                                                                                   Hesse
Lorraine                                                                            Lorraine
Rhineland                                                                       Rhineland
Saarland                                                                            Saarland
Saxony-Anhalt                                                        Saxony-Anhalt
Switzerland                                                                 Switzerland
Syrmia                                                                                Syrmia
Thuringia                                                                        Thuringia
Westphalia                                                                   Westphalia
Wuerttemberg                                                        Wuerttemberg

General Information

You will find here over 700 surnames in seventeen regions and in ten centuries. Family names of emigrants are mentioned two or more times as they founded a new root in the region of immigration. Behind the family name is listed the researched period and the place (or in some cases, more than one place), in which it appears. If the origin is outside the current region there is a link. Thus it is possible to trace the movements of a family within and outside a region.

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