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Welcome to my Homepage!

This page is a private one, which I built to perform information and my research of the family name, the surname “Stolzenbach”.

I would be thank all for any better advice and even critic for a good performance of the page.

My name is Jens Stolzenbach. I am born in the year 1958 and I live with my family between Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven nearby, which is on the nothern coast of Germany.

My interesting hobby is the Genealogy which is my passion since many years.
The basis of my research is the work of Mrs. Elisabeth Zahn. She collected almost 4000 personal dates in the past 30years. I supplemented and in some cases I corrected them.

A very small piece of the above mentioned dates I set on this home page.

Here I like to thank everybody who helped me during my research.

I like to invite very interested persons to contact me.
If somebody has any further information about the name Stolzenbach, I would be pleased to read from him or her.
Further more I can give information from my side if needed.

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